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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Divorce Insurance?!

Marriages are built on love and trust. But, where are you more financially vulnerable than in your marriage? Safeguard Guaranty Corporation has introduced a new insurance policy to cover failed marriages for divorce. With the high rate of marriages breaking up, John Logan (a divorced man himself) came up with this product to help defray the large expense and costs of a divorce.

The insurance product is called Wedlock. Wedlock Website The company's website has interesting tools for those pessimistically married. They have a "divorce probability calculator" and a "divorce cost calculator." (obviously these tools cannot be that accurate given the subjective nature of divorce, but I am sure they are interesting).
Inc. Article on WedLock

If you are considering "divorce insurance," my suggestion is to visit a qualified family law attorney to discuss your financial risks and the costs of divorce. Once you have an idea of the costs and risks involved, you can properly do a cost/benefit analysis of such a policy. You may also want to discuss the option of a prenuptial agreement or marital agreement to address financial costs and limit exposure in addition to (or instead of) insurance.

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